Day 11 – Saying NO!

A lot of times we agree to do things that we do not really want to – but we just say YES!

In the Philippines, whenever you are invited to go to a party, you always have to say YES even if you know right at that moment, that you won’t be able to attend it. You agree to do that because you do not want to hurt the other person’s feelings. But out of courtesy to the person inviting you, you still say “Oo, pupunta ako!” (Yes, I’ll go!). What is wrong with that situation is that we are not really offering some type of courtesy here, but is being disrespectful to the host and to yourself!

Why would you want to put some stress to yourself if you know that you don’t want to go or do it? Why would you say YES and later on worry about the excuse you’re going to give to the person if you end up not showing up in the party/event? Why would you take on a certain responsibility, if you know it will be too much on your plate? Why would you try to do things that will be against your will? Be proactive. Stand up for what you do not want to do. Say, NO!

Learn how to say NO! Stop the chain. Stop the worries. Relieve yourself the stress of being caught in a trap.

Just say it – NO! But do it in a polite way.

– A. M. S.