100 Steps to Success

I know you are busy. You can hardly sit down without being interrupted. By the time you sit down, it is time to either eat lunch or pick up the phone. But I know despite how busy you are you can still take the time to say ‘thank you’.


In fact, you can do this simple exercise while you are busy doing something else. (Besides I have created this program for busy individuals like you!)


Here are some strategies:


Say ‘thank you’ as you step out of your car and walk into your office.


Say ‘thank you’ the moment you hang your coat and walk towards the coffee machine.


Say ‘thank you’ the moment you step away from your chair to get some water from the bubbler.


Say ‘thank you’ as you walk towards the cafeteria for lunch.


Say ‘thank you’ as you pick the document up from your office’s communal printer.


Say ‘thank you’ when you walk back to your car.


As you make your 100 steps throughout the day, say ‘thank you’. By the time your day ends, you would have marked your 100th thank you – and I guarantee you it would be wonderful feeling!



Simple Step to Success: Today, take at least 100 footsteps (approximately 90 seconds). Each time you take a step say the words ‘thank you’ either out loud or in solitude. Do not count the number of steps you take but concentrate on saying ‘thank you’ and the feelings of gratitude that comes with it.