Mountain Goat

There is something to be said about mountain goats. Yes, they are also in astrology being commonly referred to as “Capricorns” and I am that.


But examining how these wild animals move, they move remarkably.


Observe how at the foot of the mountains these hoofed-animals start to climb. They  have skinny legs yet strong; their eyes are gentle yet they bear thick thorns on their heads ready to tackle a challenge or an enemy; they are straight faced but when they turn they gazes are wicked focused. And when they climb they do it slowly almost deliberately thinking through every step to get to the top. Unlike other animals where they take every step hastily, these mountain goats do not. They are careful and strategic. They know when to step in deeper and when to release for a huge leap.


But the best thing about watching these mountain goats climb is when they reach the top.


When they get to the top, they stop and move their heads at a 360 degree angle sensualizing the environment around them.


And why not? They have climbed too well and they deserve to enjoy the fruit of their climb. They have climbed to get to the top and when they’ve reached the mountain top – they do not forget to stop and smell the fresh air.


That’s what is great about watching these animals climb.


I hope humans can emulate this.