How to get in the front row



“how to get in the room.”


I remember that line when I was part of an interview committee for a school  leader. One of my colleagues who happened to be a new-er member of the team said, “In order for me to do what I would like to do, I have to get in the room. But how do I get in the room is another story.”


It is indeed another story worth exploring.


But here are two ways that will get you past the slow lane and will make you get to the front row.


  1. Be nice and be kind. Being nice is always a plus. When you are nice (genuinely), good people will surround you. What you show others you get back in return. Manners always trump knowledge. If you are already in the front row, you want people to follow you. Besides how would you be able to say you truly are in the front row when no one is behind you?
  2. Work hard. Work diligently. Work consistently – and worth ethically. Successful people do everything right, even if no one is watching.


If you want to get in front, now is the time to decide how fast you really  want to be in the front row. Just remember, when you are already there, do not forget where you came from and to look back. The long line of people following you is an architectural statement worth appreciating.