How thinking of the ‘best thing today’ makes you successful?

Day in and out, things could rise and fall. You may feel pretty awesome at some point or feel pretty awful minutes later. The 24-hour gift that you were given contains various feelings, events, people, reactions, words and actions that you may not be aware.


I know for sure that the highlights of your day tend to be on the extremes: the worst and the best. But it is how you react to the situation that will determine exactly how your day will go.


Take for example my situation. For the most part of last week, Boston has been covered with snow (and continue to be covered as of this writing).  This is such an unusual condition for me and for most Bostonians. The simple things I used to take for granted such as getting to  and fro work daily for 45 minutes without heavy traffic jam is no longer the case; the usual turn-on the engine and drive has become stop-and-turn-and-look-sideways before you go is now the norm; the run-with-gusto away from the door has now become 1-2-3-watch-out-before-you-slip routine. The new normal has arrived and this extreme weather condition has also tested my patience and reactions to events/people/feelings around me.


But then again – despite the extreme conditions and the new normality of my life lately, which gives me the extreme emotions (more on the worst side) there are still events/people/feelings that make my day truly the best – even exceptional.


Take for example the day that one of our neighbors (John) came over and lent me his ladder so we could remove the snow off of our roof. Out of the blue he offered his ladder which I gladly accepted. Another example was driving home after dinner with my family on valentine’s day. Due to the icy conditions of the road, the snow fall and a driver who was not paying attention to the traffic lights, we were saved from colliding into the car infront of us. We were thankful for driving a Subaru that can weather all conditions – and of course for bringing us all home safe.


Successful people are mindful of their reactions and of their emotions. Throughout the day anything can happen – but with minutes weaving in and out of your time, there are always pockets of things, people, events that truly make your day to be grateful for. Successful people are always grateful for the best thing that has ever happened to them on a daily basis. It is with this feelings of gratitude and the magnitude of these feelings that motivate them to continue to do good, to be consistent and true at their core. Successful people are always on the search for the ‘best thing’, the best feeling – and through this they continue to experience success at its finest on a daily basis.


This week be like the successful person that you should be and do this:  before you go to bed – think about the things that you are grateful for today. Out of all these things, ask yourself ‘what was the best thing that has happened to me today?”


I am sure just by thinking of the best thing that has ever happened to you each day, you will wake up with a feeling that will help you remain successful and in control of your emotions throughout the day.


Until next week – and stay safe Boston!


Simple Step to Success: As you end your day, think of the best thing that has ever happened to you today and be grateful. Think of how blessed you are for this gift.