What you need to do when there’s nothing left to be thankful for…


On our way to New York City two weeks ago, I was feeling appreciative of the time I have reflect. I was unplugged, the person next to me was taking a nap and the lady across me was busy reading a book. My daughter and her godsister were seated a few seats away anticipating the joy of going into the Big Apple. I was left on the wayside to do nothing except ‘feel the moment.’ Moments like these allow me to disconnect myself from the mundane things that normally cloud my mind. Moments like these force me to just be present and be at the moment.


As I began to feel the moment, I began to think of the many things I am grateful for. I closed my eyes and then let my mind ran through the big and the little things that I am happy for; all the things that make my life easy and make it more enjoyable to live. In fact I was almost running out of things that I am grateful for…and then,


I opened my eyes and looked up – and as if by chance would have it, a huge billboard sign near the Bronx station says: GRATITUDE.


I stared at it for as long as I can and reminded myself that there is always something to be grateful for.

…and when there is nothing else to be grateful for…


Look up! You will find something up there that you might have missed while you are busy looking down below or just around you.


Simple Step to Success: Sometimes focusing on what is just around us makes it harder to appreciate the good things in life. When you feel there is nothing left to be thankful for open your eyes and look up. Because looking up once in a while  may remind you that life itself is something to be thankful for. That billboard may even say “GRATITUDE.”