What Turbulence Taught Me

I do not like turbulences, at least when I am on an aircraft. It makes me feel very helpless because I do not have any control over the situation. Actually, no one in the plane would have any control over any turbulence. Generally, people like me (or you) at least want some level of control. We associate control with responsibility. The more responsibility a person has, the more that person has control over an organization or a group. The more a person owns control, the more she becomes vulnerable to some factors including fear, failure and change.


But turbulence, although I do not like it, almost seems to occur in every air travel I go on. It is part of the atmosphere and an inevitable force, which I understand. However, the feeling of uncertainty about what could happen is what gets my mind on the verge of insanity, even hallucinations. I start to think about the goals I have not completed, the places I have not yet visited, and how I could get away from this fearful experience.


For anyone like me who does not like turbulences, there are multiple ways to overcome the feeling of helplessness:


  1. You can say your prayer and call out your guardian angel for protection. Maybe once, twice and if they are not yet responding to your pleas – call out the King of all Angels.
  2. Drink some wine and fall asleep throughout the flight.


But you know what I really realize when there is turbulence? I realize how good life is; that I have the chance to live it despite through turbulence like this.


I realize that life is truly good!