Take the Opportunity: Look into Someone’s Eyes

Photo of Randy Legaspi

By Stuart Young

Take the opportunity today to look into someone’s eyes for one minute
without touching or talking.

Think it’s easy?

Once you’ve stopped giggling and blinking, settle down to do it
seriously. The whole giggling thing is our defence from someone
getting too close. Allow them to get close because guess what – you’re
getting that close to them.

Be aware of your thoughts as you do this, notice if you are feeling
more or less connected to that person. Notice if that person seems
comfortable or awkward. Do you notice something different about them?
Does your mind start to wander?

You are only as vulnerable as the person you are sharing this with.
Having said that – you may find it really easy and enjoyable. I hope
you do.

If you do find this quite easy, try doing it for two minutes or three.

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