Wednesdays with Buena: Warrior

Editor’s Note: Please play the video above while reading today’s post from Ms.Buenaflor Laoang. Make sure that you turn up the volume on your speaker, before you start to read. Feel it!


Dear Warrior,

How are you today? Have you kept up with your latest fight? Did you win? Or had you headed home with hanging shoulders?

However you have become after that battle- dear warrior, congratulate yourself. You have gone this far. And if you’ve just been on bended knees, smile. You are alive! You have a new day to greet. Get up, and bring on that bright face.

Look at your face on the mirror and see that angel with the glowing accomplishment.

Why do I believe that YOU are a warrior? Let me tell you about my story, when I thought I was simply a loser:

I have also come from many fights in this life- fights that if I tell you about, we would both spend the day crying, because you had been there too. I also wanted my teacher’s attention in grade school.. I also desired that crown in juniors/seniors’ prom..  I wanted to be in the best university teams, too… If you sighted that promotion at work, me too. I longed to be the center of attention in my home while you did in your group.. I loved to be leading everywhere I go, same as you. But– life isn’t just fair to both of us.

Most often, I finished with the same hanging shoulders, with bowed head, bended knees. At times, I even thought I lost the fight, and should not have even been into it, because I ended up surrendering, and torn.

Tired.. broken.. no power or strength left.. But when I tried to straighten my face, there I was, at the finish line! – I was able to conquer, after all.  And I was just so sure that as I came out, I had given my all with those shoulders; humbled and taught grace by the fight; and even when I thought I surrendered and did not emerge mightily strong- like hands on the air and shouting my win– I saw the beauty of leaving it all to God.  

I did not see the big fruits of achievement, but I saw seeds of bravery, courage and grace in me.

I am indeed a warrior.

And the secret is, when you leave it to Him, you are receiving much greater wins.

Warrior, if you’d listen a little to my words today- success in life is not actually about winning. Or, about taking home the gold. It’s not even about ending triumphantly with all banners and the confetti, or being staged as a hero.

Success is more apt to those who fight the battles in this life- enduring the pains and yet smiling at the seeds of honor sown in his heart. It is the warrior who ends his fights quietly, but soon those he saved will come out and speak about his deeds of stopping at them and giving his life. It is you who slipped through the backdoor – like no one ever noticed – but without whose contribution the army will not reach the end quite fine.

Have you once thought- like me- that you’ve constantly lost, always a failure? What had those battles in life left you, or in you? Or, how did they make you? Your answers shall determine how successful you have become.

I salute you. Because a warrior, no matter what, is a warrior. You go through the battles of life. You hold the courage to fight. You are headed to finish with honor. You may surrender, but you succeed. You succeed in risking to endure, you succeed in getting it done.

WARRIOR- you are my best definition of success- because you are a SURVIVOR- not just of yourself, but for the lives of many others.

Succeed, warrior. There is no way to lose your fight.




About the Writer: Buenaflor Laoang, “Buena” for short is a writer by heart. She can not live without writing alongside her family and her three adorable kids. In fact, when she was sick recently her pain reliever was her writing. Truly, therapeutic writing works best for a writer her calibre. Her works have been published on literary e-zines in the Philippines.