Tuesdays with Ronald: Question on Dreams

Photo of Michaela Cruz- Ungos

By Ronald Colunga

Hello Everyone!
Very nice to see everyones answers last week! Good job everyone! Let’s touch on the same topic this week!
As you know, I love to write about dreams. So let’s take that same concept and answer some other questions about ourselves, shall we?
Last week we answered “what were three things that were stopping us from achieving our dreams?”
Now let’s fast forward a little bit.
Imagine yourself fulfilling a dream that you have.
What would your life be like? What would you do after you have achieved that dream? What will you make of this new life?
Essentially the question is “If you were to achieve your dream, what could you imagine your life being like?” 
Let your imaginations run wild with this one! Remember, this has a purpose! If you want to connect with me and have a conversation about anything please do not hesitate! I love talking!
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