AMSDaily shares stories of extraordinary people from different backgrounds. These individuals are whom the Founder (Alpha) believes to be successful. Success/successful is relative to the reader or the person who perceives the idea of who is successful. To Alpha, these individuals have proven their value to the community, their passion for what they do, and their mission for the world themselves, and their loved ones. Most of all, these individuals know who they are and what they are capable of accomplishing.

Below is the list of individuals whose stories are worth reading. Read and share them. They will inspire you!


2013 Featured Success Stories:

Success Story: Ciera Holzenthal

Success Story: April Anne Moncada

Success Story: Lauren Hastings

Success Story: Elaine Sears

Success Story: Jasmina Aganovic

Success Story: Happy Milan

Success Story: Gerry Nicklas

Success Story: Eric Clark

Success Story: Robbie Bergquist

Success Story: Stacey Shipman

Success Story: PJ Valenciano

Success Story: Angela and Roi Lee

Success Story: Kimberly Mitchell

Success Story: Zamforia Clothing Company



Previous Success Stories 2011-2012

Success Story One: Claire Claflin

Success Story Two: Maricar Primero-Tangonan

Success Story Three: Tara Velazco-Cayton

Success Story Four: Tina Enad-Tagle

Success Story Five: Bernadette delos Santos

Success Story Six: Veronica Inoturan

Success Story Seven: Maria Angala

Success Story Eight: Israel Basilio

Success Story Nine: John Patrick Agustin

Success Story Ten: Charm Moreto-Damon

Success Story Eleven: Abner Felix

Success Story Twelve: Gideon De Luna

Success Story Thirteen: Nympha Macas

Success Story Fourteen: Suzette Martinez-Standring

Special Edition Story: The OCODA Chronicles

Success Story Fifteen: Bren Bataclan

Success Story Sixteen: Honey Rose Miguel

Success Story Seventeen: Joannalene Escarlos-Abayon

Success Story Eighteen: Tomas Leonor 

Success Story Nineteen: Rowena Sy-Santos

Success Story Twenty: Henzel Gapay

Success Story Twenty One: Katherine Jarmin-Rogers

Success Story Twenty Two: Randy Gener

Success Story Twenty Three: Jay Michael Jaboneta

Success Story Twenty Four: Daphne Oseña-Paez

Special Edition Story: “Surprise, Surprise!!!”

Success Story Twenty Five: Cromwell Bacareza

Success Story Twenty Six: ACTS music

Success Story Twenty Seven: Anna Oposa

Success Story Twenty Eight: John Michael Dellariarte 

Success Story Twenty Nine: Mon Corpuz

Success Story Thirty: Dr. Antonio Levy Ingles, Jr.

Special Edition Story: Mom, You’re a Rockstar!

Success Story: Dr. Ofelia Samar-Sy and Julliane Moira Sy

Success Story: Shiela Lirio-Marcelo

Success Story: Melissa Remulla-Briones

Success Story: Anton Diaz

Success Story: Anna Meloto-Wilk

Success Story: Nirasha Jaganath aka “Mommy Niri”

Success Story: Anton Mari H. Lim

Success Story: Tricia Gosingtian

Success Story: Jonha Revescencio

Success Story: Rommel San Juan of Binalot

Success Story: Carissa Villacorta

Success Story: Joe Castillo 

Success Story: Jason Ricafort Cardente

Special Edition Story: Sole4Souls

Success Story: Melissa Villa 

Success Story: Living Wellness Sublime

Success Story: Pacita Juan 

Success Story: Luis Pedron

Success Story: Alexis Baldia

Success Story: Bam Aquino 

Success Story: Joyce Pilarsky