AMSDaily : Pint Size

About AMS Daily pint size

Setting cliché aside, kids say, do, and ask the most honest, unadulterated things in the world. With this weekly section of AMS Daily, we want to showcase remarkable children utterances and accomplishments that both make them even cuter and inspiring to their fellow children and us, adults.  We will also be featuring relevant family topics shared by many families all over the world.


The intricate workings of our daily lives could sometimes become overwhelming, and often times all we need is a pint size dose of a kid’s remark, question or a family success story to put everything in better perspective for us. So, every Friday, please join us in celebrating children and families as they share their lives with us. 


Call for submission and feedback

Have you heard or seen any noteworthy child? And please don’t be too humble; go ahead and share with us what your own child has said, asked or accomplished that inspired or motivated you in any way!  Do you have a family success story you would like to share with our readers?  We would love to feature them!  Email us at for submissions and feedback!