Schedule Your Reading Time


If it is not on your calendar or on your to-do list it will not happen. Trust me, I’ve seen it too many times. Planning deliberately for the things you want to do is critical especially if you are crunched with time almost every day with other things-to-do like hitting the snooze button.


Yes, it is important that you plan for your day and plan for what exactly you would like to do, including reading.


The last two articles for this month’s simple step to success are about finding the time to read and then using every time you have to read. This week, it is all about ‘planning’ your time to read to maximize your way to success.


Planning is important. As they say, if you failed to plan, you already planned to fail. So planning is critical especially to tasks that are sometimes viewed less important like reading (unfortunately to some people).


A few questions for you:


When do you usually have down time?


When does your house usually become quieter?


At what time of the day, are you uninterrupted?


When do you feel more energized (meaning not sleepy)?



As you process your answers to the questions above, think about these chunks of time when you won’t feel guilty of ‘not spending time with your loved ones’ or ‘not wasting quality time to do other more important tasks’. It is just as important to carve some time for an activity that does not rob off the things you value in your day-to-day activities such as playing with your children, cooking healthy meals and spending time with your loved ones. Because when you read, you need to have the focus. You need some concentration to be able to absorb what is on the book and eventually process the important information from the book.


For this week, here’s what I want you to do: think about your downtime. Now, intentionally block these times to read either on your calendar book or in your electronic calendar. Do it now. Do it fast. In my case, I found that reading before going to bed is highly productive. Not only can I concentrate fully on the contents of the book, but I can certainly say ‘I enjoy reading the book’.



Simple Step to Success: Plan to read and make sure you block the times to just read. Read only when you are less distracted.  If success is what you truly aim for, then  aim to be like the 86% of successful people who certainly just loves to read vs. 26% of those who are not successful