Over vacation, I had the chance to be with my college best friend whom I have not seen in years. It was great to catch up, learn about our lives and reminisce the good old memories we had some years back. It was great but most of all it kept me grounded.


Grounded in such a way that it made me more sensible, more real. It pulled me back to where and who I was like and made me want to continue to be who I really am (no matter what happens).


Grounded in a way that it made me feel light and humbled.


Grounded in such a simple way that made me feel happy and simplistic while enjoying the conversations, the animals at the zoo and the unfamiliarity of San Diego.


Grounded in my thoughts, my attitudes and my perspectives in life: loving and being in the present.


And when I look at the work I do in education, too many times it is so easy to be pulled away from the real work and become ungrounded. When this happens, no real teaching or learning comes to fruition. None of the students get their well-deserved quality of learning because someone, somehow becomes ungrounded, disconnected and ignorant of the real work in the classrooms.


To be grounded to what is currently happening and be ready to make informed changes, education leaders need to be out in the classrooms more often; interact with the teachers including cafeteria workers and custodians and just listen; talk to the students and hear them speak; reach out to parents and build stronger relationships with them; show respect and value what everyone says – because to me ungrounded is only looking at the one hard data but is completely neglecting what is currently happening.


Someone wrote a beautiful post about how to be grounded and it may help education leaders and teachers be more grounded.


Read it here – her points are very well taken.