What to be happier? Stop saying this phrase…

While there is a phrase that you should absolutely stop saying to become happier, happiness is still and will always be an inside job. No one can automate you to become happy. No one can turn your personal switch on to feel happier in an instant. You have to want to be happy.


Yes, you can stimulate happiness by surrounding yourself with things, people that will make you smile and then eventually become happy . But that is artificial. Once these objects and people leave you and you are all alone in your own shell – you feel empty and back to zero. That is why finding your compass to happiness is an inside job.


Successful people tend to be a lot happier and that is because they are not depending on the outside forces for a dose of happiness. They have already built their internal thermometer for happiness.


In my observation of successful people there is one phrase that ultimately make them happier, which is one of their internal tools for happiness  – and if you want to  be happier and also successful you must stop saying this phrase:


“I’ll be happy when….”


Because whenever you use this phrase, your feeling of dissatisfaction increases.  Your level of social comparison threatens your thinking. Your individual growth is depended on the norms set by what the future could give. And the future? No one knows.


So instead of anticipating to achieve ‘happiness when…’ look for your internal tools for happiness and search for deeper more meaningful ways to be happy right now. Search deeper because everyone has something inside of them that tickles their happiness button – one that lasts for a while.


Do a Reality check: How often do you use this phrase at home, at work and among your peers?


Simple Step to Success: Take an inventory of yourself. Do you use the phrase ‘I’ll be happy when….’ often? If you want to be successful, then stop using that phrase right now.