Oh the Places

The person with big dreams is more powerful than the one with all the facts.
-Albert Einstein

What do you dream of?  If there were no borders, if there were no limits, if there were no worries – what would you attain?

I think that sometimes having all the facts crushes a dream.  What some people call ‘facing reality’ bogs down the heart’s process of taking one’s mind to a faraway place.  Because, honestly, what’s the worst thing that could happen?

You could fail, right?  Fall flat on your face?  Can I be honest with you?  I’ve had those experiences.  I’ve held seminars where nobody has shown up.  I’ve put on information sessions and rented equipment to have no one walk through the door.  I’ve been face to face in the boxing ring with someone who hits like a freight train.  I’ve ran marketing campaigns that have yielded no results.

But I’m a better person for it.  And I think you will be, too.  The key?  I continue to point the finger back at myself so that I continue to improve.

Do you know what I dream of?  Being one of the best martial artists in the world.  Raising enough funds to train with some of the best martial artists in the world: http://www.gofundme.com/3hlfsc  Being an amazing writer and motivational speaker.  Owning a farm.  Opening a Chinese medicine school.  Getting an acupuncture book deal with one of those big publishers.  Having another amateur boxing match.  And being the best parent and husband that I can be.

What do you dream of?

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Kenton Sefcik, R.Ac is a father, husband, Registered Acupuncturist, published author, motivational speaker and martial artist.  Connect with him at www.facebook.com/harbourhealth and www.harbourhealth.ca