You Lead

In college, you led.


You led our group of friends….


To dance, to guffaw, to love, and to be adventurous.


Then we parted ways, but I know you led, you taught.


Years later, we reconnect, and I see you’ve led.


You followed and led, together with many service men and women….


To guard and fight for our country.


Yet you did not stop there.


You led to fight your cancer….


And, yes,  you triumphed!


You led everyone around you….


To stand above trials, to embrace life.


Today, betrayed by an illness once again, you continue to lead.


Dear friend, today, you lead me by genuine example.


To smile, to live,


To let it go, and let it UP through prayers,


To cherish my children and family in every photo and non-photo op moment,


To be humble to request and receive help, to exude optimism,


To be calm and to be grateful.


In both your darkest and brightest moments, dear friend, I’m grateful that you lead.