Remarkable Story: Jimmy Liang and the Fuji Group Company

Take the story of Jimmy Liang for remarkability and you’d know why.


In the spring of 2014, I started a support group for women teachers on the South Shore called Teachers and Tea and I approached several businesses in the area to help me with this cause.


I asked the Fuji Group Company in Quincy, MA to donate and serve tea at the grand opening day and they agreed.


The company did not only serve tea that day, but created a nice spread of different teas, antique tea pots from China and brewed fresh tea leaves on the spot! The best thing is that the owner of the company, Jimmy Liang  and one of his partners, Tony Liang took time out of their busy lives to speak with the audience and served us some tea!


It was  even more special when I learned that Jimmy Liang, who at 36 owns and operates 9 successful restaurants in Quincy and in Boston – could have chosen to meet with one of his potential investors but decided to be with a small group of women teachers because he said “this work is important! ”


To me, that is simply being remarkable!


A CEO like him taking  a half day on a gorgeous Sunday afternoon to be with a small number of women teachers is pretty rare – in fact, to me that is unheard of.


But that is Jimmy Liang, young, remarkable and truly changes the status quo with his mission of revamping the restaurant scene in Quincy and beyond.