Differentiate your Employees

All employees are different. Some are in the middle – the 70%. A few are in the top – the 10%. Others are in the bottom – the 20%.


When you lead an organization, differentiate how your staff works for the goal:


Are they your top 10% – those who will go above and beyond their job description what needed to be done?

Are they your 70% – meaning the majority of your staff who will do the job but merely in compliance?


Or are they your 20% – those who bicker and challenge the status quo yet barely produce any results. These are your people who have been stuck either by time or by their own choice.


As a leader, distinguishing your top 10% is critical. They are your remarkable staff members. They are the people who will move the numbers for you; who will produce the most coveted outcome. They will back you up 110% . They will be there when crisis stands. These are the kind of people whom you should pay attention more closely. In fact, these are the people that you should definitely take care for the long run.


Keep the 10%.


Train or if necessary eliminate, the 20%.