Read While You Wait

In a day think about how many times do you wait? Where do you wait? What do you do when you wait? Are you most people who fidget or stare at blankness for the most part? Do you just let time go by without making one simple step to become more successful? Well guess what – starting today I want you to learn and I want you to be more successful by utilizing your time better while you wait.


The way you spend your waiting time determines another way to incorporate a simple success step into your daily routine: read while you wait. Unfortunately, sometimes there are no rhyme or reason for these waiting times. So you will need to be aware and be prepared when a ‘waiting time’ becomes available for you.


Here’s what you should do (choose what works better for your situation):


  1. Download free PDF books into your iBook on your smartphone.
  2. Use  Kindle and do the same as item #1.
  3. Borrow a book from the library. Keep it in your bag.
  4. Always leave a book in your purse. Always. (You never know when you will need it)


Once you are prepared for the ‘waiting time’ to come, you can now access this time very well and read your way to success.




Simple Step to Success: Read while you wait. Utilize every moment you have while standing in line waiting for the bus to arrive; while waiting for your turn at the cashier; while waiting for someone for your lunch meeting. Read while you wait and seize every moment to read!