I Can’t

The moment you say, “I can’t,” you accept defeat.

The moment you say those two words, your muscles weaken and your mind stops to work.


You are a creature of “can-dos” and you can do it – no matter what. I suspect you have said these words when you feel that you are helpless, or confused or impatient.  I suspect you use these words because you felt hopeless and felt you really cannot win anything. I suspect somebody else told you that you cannot and you are giving up.




Know that you can do it. Your mind is amazing. You are amazing! Know that no one, nobody can ever tell you that you cannot do anything. It is you who knows your capability, not them – not your parents nor your friend; you know who is inside you. And that inside of you is strong, will-powered and determined. Don’t give up yet. A lot of successful people have achieved their goals because they persevered. They kept going. They are patient – and hopeful. They do not easily get discouraged or feel frustrated. Know that just like them, you can win! You can have what you want – and you should avoid saying, “I can’t”.


Say, I can – because I know you can! Because YOU know you can!