Helpful hints to know what makes you happy

Last Tuesday, I asked you to answer the question, “what makes you happy?” and I received quite a lot of messages asking for help. Here’s what one thing I have done that helped me find what makes me happy:


I looked at the following areas of my life and examined them one by one.

  1. Relationship –What makes me happy when I am around people such as my family, friends and other people around me?
  2. Financial – What level of wealth do I find happiness? How much is enough for me to be happy?
  3. Work – Am I enjoying my work? Am I satisfied with the choice of career I have made?
  4. Health – Do I have the optimum health and personal care? Am I happy with who I am?
  5. Spiritual – How happy am I with my spiritual life and personal growth?
  6. Environment – How  happy am I with my current surroundings?


I want you to try this time. Go through these 6 areas and evaluate how happy are you? What makes you happy in these areas?


Simple Step to Success: Take a moment to examine the six areas of your life: relationship, financial, work/career, health, spiritual and environment. This will help you find your happiness.