SIMPLIFY YOUR WAY TO SUCCESS: 12 Simple Steps to Success

For the entire year I will be teaching you each month one simple step to success. I will be giving you different strategies weekly on how to achieve the overarching monthly step to success.


Because it is a ‘step’, this means that it calls for an action.


When you take a ‘step’, this also means that you are moving. It could sometimes make you move closer to your goal but other times it may make you move backward in order to move farther but faster.


These steps are designed simply to help you become successful in the simplest way possible. We are all busy pursuing other things in life and that is why I made this program easier to implement.


Below you will find the program outline for the rest of the year:


SIMPLIFY YOUR WAY TO SUCCESS: 12 Simple Steps to Success


January – Reflections
February – Gratitude
March – Read
April – Productivity
May – Communication
June – Organization
July – Network
August – Growth and Improvement
September – Positive Attitude
October – Happiness
November – Meditations
December – Give



I hope to see you next week as we begin our first simple step to success.


In the meantime, here are some answers to some of your questions :

1.    Is this  really free?


Yes it is all free. I believe that when I have learned something I need to pour to others in order for me to have more  room for growth. I am ready to pour the knowledge I’ve learned around this subject and I want to share to as many people as possible.


2.    What gave you the idea to write this program?


I love to read about successful people. I have interviewed people around this subject and most of them have been published on this website. In my analysis of their successes I realized that there are some distinguished steps that they have done in order to become successful. I put them together and  here it  is.


3.    Why does it take for an entire year to complete the program?


Success does not happen overnight. For each step to be effective, it has to become a regular part of your routine. You have to continue to repeat each step and build upon what you’ve learn to the next. It is like building a lego – you start with the base and continue to add more blocks. By the time you lock in the last block, you know it is complete.  You know it is a success.


4.    Does your program apply to all areas of life?


If a person chooses to implement each step in whatever area she needs to improve upon – then yes. This program is designed universally to all people but primarily to busy people who frequently do not have the time to waste  but want to become even more successful.


5.    What is the guarantee that this program will help me become successful?


Until you’ve completed the entire 12 months steps and you have dutifully executed each step, only then will you be able to evaluate how effective this program is in your pursuit to success.


What I guarantee is that these steps are simple that only those who refuse to take actions will not see an ounce of growth.


6.    I have more questions, how can I contact you?


Email your questions to  and I will do my best to answer them. Enjoy!