The Difference Between the Successful and the Uber-Successful Person

I have learned that there is a difference between the successful person and the über successful person. Examining what differentiates between the two is pretty amazing. Sometimes all is takes is a few notches up a certain habit that these two sets of people do on a daily basis such as the amount of time they spend on reading, whether leisurely, implicitly or methodically.


Take these:


According to Tom Corley, 88% of successful people read 30 minutes or more each day for education or career reasons vs. 2% of unsuccessful people.


However, Charley Mendoza wrote that “ultra successful people such as Mark Cuban insists on reading 3 hours a day, while Bill Gates reads for 1 hour as part of his bedtime routine. J.K Rowling, the first ever billionaire author, read ‘absolutely anything’ as a child. “


Thus this month’s simple step to success is: read.


Such a  simple formula to move you up a little bit on the ladder of success, eh?


Not so.


For busy people like you 30 minutes of reading seems quite too much (especially if you have not been reading at all). If you want to stretch your potential then by all means dedicate at least one hour of reading time each day or more.


The question is how?


This month, I will make it easy for you. You will learn five strategies to make room for 30 minutes a day for reading time.


Here’s the first one: Beginning this week, eliminate your TV time or the time you spend on social media including Facebook, Twiter, Pinterest, etc. You will be surprised on how much you can actually read if you entirely eliminate your screen time.


Here’s why:


According to NY Daily, the average American spends a whooping five hours a day on TV. In addition to that “The average American then spends another 32 minutes a day on time-shifted television, an hour using the Internet on a computer, an hour and seven minutes on a smartphone and two hours, 46 minutes listening to the radio.”


And you tell me you do not have 30 minutes? Squeeze in more than that and stretch it out to an hour a day of absolute reading and you will slowly become one of the ultra uber successful person around.


So this week, if you want to bring your game up, you’ve got two things to do:


  1. Stop the urge to sit in front of the television.
  2. Grab a book that is of high-interest for you and start flipping the pages.


Once you read, I would love to know what book you chose to read.




Until next week.



Simple Step to Success: Successful people do some educational reading everyday. Starting today begin or end your day with at least 30 minutes of reading. Instead of turning on the TV, don’t – grab a book and curl up on your couch. Continue to make your brain think and enjoy your way to success!