Stop Blaming

Ever hear yourself saying one or two or maybe all of these phrases?:


-       “My parents did not push me enough to finish my college degree.”

-       “My parents were not there when I needed them.”

-       “I grew up poor and I am destined to be poor.”

-       “The government only favors the rich while we do not get anything.”

-       “I had the worst teachers in the world that is why I can not even do basic arithmetic.”

-       “Somebody told me before I can not do it.”

-       “One of my friends agreed to pay back the loan I was supposed to use to move out of the country and start all over again.”

-       “The bank won’t lend me any money to start the business I have been dreaming of all my life.”

-       “My work sucks.”

-       “And yes, – my boss does not like me and does not give me more than 2.5% raise a year!”


and more…


Can you identify with any of these phrases?


Have you ever uttered them? Or, have you heard anyone in your family use them?


If you have said any of the above-mentioned phrases, it tells me two things about you:


Either a) You are not being accountable for your actions, and

b) You do not take responsibility for your actions.


And this must stop.


Until you are accountable for your own life, you will never move forward with your true potential.


Own your life. Be responsible. Stop blaming others. Own it. Live it. Be it.