12 Rules to be Happier at Work

Rules rock and that applies to happiness at work too! So, if you are feeling stuck and sort of ‘don’t know what else to do to be happy’ at work (because you thought so) remember these 12 rules to live by:

  1. Do what you can without impressing anyone.
  2. Do own your mistakes.
  3. Do find a mentor who can help you with things.
  4. Do  learn to say “no”.
  5. Do smile and be kind.
  6. Do listen attentively.
  7. Do appreciate the people you work with (despite their overcoming and being constantly late or doing absolutely nothing)
  8. Do commit to continue to improve your area of responsibility.
  9. Do write goals to strive for.
  10. Do stay away from politics, nuisance and unnecessary events among co-employees.
  11. Do help others.
  12. Do stay true to yourself

Tell me your favorite next time :)