3 Elements in Communicating Effectively

Successful people communicate using three effective elements of direct communication:


1)   Body Language

2)   Tone and Voice

3)   Words


One needs to be keen in using these elements effectively in all opportunities given. However, the real test of how well a person can communicate effectively and successfully depends on the manner these factors are being utilized during challenging times. True communication skills are tried and tested during challenging situations; situations that will move the communicator to the edge and put these three elements into action.


One of the reasons I love seeing people react when they are confronted with difficult situations is that it helps me see who they really are. I think it shows exactly their level of communication skills and the real person inside them.


I’ve observed that people react differently during stressful conversations and oftentimes I see these: coughing, head shaking, knee jolting, scratching (either head, hair or other parts of the body), nail biting or the more evident manner, crying. Your body language determines how effective you are in managing your self during trying times.


Your choice of words in a crisis situation is just as important. Notice how the brain automatically shifts to a raw state when that happens. Some people become rough with their choice of words as that is simply their ‘raw’ state of behaviors. Some people cave in or simply remain quite as that is their mode of defense during a crisis.


The tone of the voice also changes from low pitch to high almost screeching pitch.


I am  still learning how to effectively use these elements to communicate effectively during a stressful situation. I know I am also subject to these situations whether I like it or not. But here’s what I think I’ve done that has worked: I stay calm. I stay quite and when I finally removed myself from the situation, I process the sequence of events and reflect how effective I am with my skills.


How about you? How have you used these elements of communication in a difficult situation? I’d love to hear from you!


Simple Step to Success: Successful people know how to deal with high level of stress. But only people with high level of success truly know how to use words, tone and body language effectively.