Hiring Personnel

Part of what I do is hiring. An organization thrives with good and talented people and it all starts with who you want me to bring to the table. Although the process could be time-consuming the art of hiring is all a combination of quick resume-glance and reference checks, taking an inventory  of individual competencies through the interview but mostly this strong ‘gut’ feeling of ‘is this a good fit for the organization?’

Here’s what I have learned from hiring personnel.

Don’t judge a person by its resume; don’t make presumptions about a person from her education; don’t evaluate the person by his physical appearances and most importantly, wait until the person starts to talk, then you will know what kind of a person he is.

But it does not stop there -

I am essentially saying these because  I sat down for eight hours with the rest of my colleagues and interviewed applicants for a school administrator search and all of them seemed so qualified on paper but they proved us wrong (most of them) until they started to talk.

The implication of these to you: when you go out in the world to put yourself out there, be ready to be judged! But do not let the world judge you unfairly by not preparing yourself.

Do these and you will be fine:

1. Think quickly but talk slowly (so that people can understand you!)

2. Listen to what people say.

3. Show your passion. If you are passionate about something that will dominate your conversation and your knowledge on that subject matter will show up, right away.

4. You can not fake your passions in life. If you do not have one, learn to be passionate at least on one thing.

5. Dress appropriately and to the occassion. Cut your hair. Cut your fingernails. Look presentable. Be classy.

6. The school you graduated from, does not dictate what kind of a person you are or how smart you are. Your choice of words will determine who you really are.

7. Look into the eye of the person whom you are talking. Demystify the Asian rule of “don’t look me in the eye”. That is wrong in the business world.

8. Be energetic and enthusiastic!

9. Learn to be humorous!

10. Be punctual. Five minutes late means you are five minutes away from your success.