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This website contains interviews, photography, stories, videos, and articles on aspirations, motivation and success. Originally set up by Alpha Sanford as a personal blog in June 2011 to document her insights on success and motivation, it has since grown into a well-respected personal development website.

AMSDaily posts articles on self-development topics at least twice a week. To date, the site has been viewed over 350, 000 times (updated February 2014) since its inception in 2011, with 9,000+ growing subscribers around the globe. Aside from showcasing regular contributors’ and audience’s life and work, AMSDaily has also featured Filipino celebrities including Daphne Osena-Paez, Anna Meloto-Wilk, Melissa Remulla, Jay Jaboneta, Tina Tagle, Randy Gener, Bren Bataclan, Sen. Bam Aquino, to name a few. One of AMSDaily’s visions is to tell stories of extraordinary people whose mission in life is to help others and use the site as an avenue to live better.



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Alpha Sanford – the founder of AMSDaily is fueled by many things: her family’s love and support, her inner circle of friends, her enthusiasm for her day job, her passion for reading and writing, silent prayers every so often, rice and tea! She is a  Filipino-American school leader, a diversity trained S.E.E.D. facilitator and an entrepreneur. You may contact her at, follow her on Facebook at or connect with her via Linkedin.

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Charm Moreto Damon is a wife, a mother, a TESOL professional and a freelance editor.  She graduated from the University of the Philippines, and holds a master’s degree and ABD in Foreign and Second Language Education from the Ohio State University, where she also taught academic writing and research to international students. Before becoming a stay-at-home wife and mom, she worked as an ESL instructor and curriculum specialist at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio for a year. She currently lives in the Cincinnati area, and keeps herself busy with family, friends, and editorial work. Once a month, Charm volunteers as a cultural exploration coordinator for small children of a moms’ club she and her two children belong in.  She may be contacted at