I want to celebrate today as the new appearance of AMSDaily is launched. As I’ve mentioned two days ago, we are going minimal and  here we are.


What you see on this website right now is a reflection of where I am at this point of my life: a celebratory phase. A phase in which everything is clean, pure and devoid of distractions.


Today, I am celebrating many great things that God has given me and I want to acknowledge them and share with you:


–       I celebrate for the love that I feel for my husband, my daughter and my family and vice versa, both on earth and those who are departed.

–       I celebrate for having a comfortable place to sleep, to eat and to just be myself: our home.

–       I celebrate for being in a geographical location where resources are bountiful, the views are incredible and feelings of peacefulness and serenity are all part of it.

–       I celebrate for the connections and friendships that I have made throughout these years – from my childhood years, to high school, college and my network of professional and personal friends; our amsdaily writers and readers.

–       I celebrate for the caring that I feel from people around me.

–       I celebrate for the work that I do and for the people that I serve and work with.

–       I celebrate for God’s way of letting me find myself and holding on to work that He wants me to do.

–       I celebrate for knowing myself more through the SEED Project of the Wellesley College.

–       I celebrate because I know I am blessed with things, feelings, and words that I know are meaningful to me.


Sometimes, we forget that we have come so far. Sometimes, we tend to avoid celebrating the smaller achievements – but we should not. Because it is through these minute successes that bigger successes are planted. It is through the appreciation of these “celebrations” that we begin to receive more – and simultaneously do more.


As you see the new lay-out of AMSDaily, I want you to think of where you are at this point in your life. I want you to dig deep and look for the things that you must celebrate. Look for them…


What are you celebrating?


I want to hear your thoughts and please do share them on Facebook… 



Alpha Miguel-Sanford is a Filipino-American educator, entrepreneur and the creator of Aspire.Motivate.Succeed! a personal development website which aims to inspire and motivate people from all walks of life through its bi-weekly articles.  You can contact her via facebook, twitter, and email.