Photo of Hannah Young

Like anything else, it is part of growing. It is a part of the process.  Though it may seem challenging at first, transformation is needed in moving forward.


In the next two days, AMSDaily is transforming into another phase. Last month marked our second anniversary of delivering inspirational, motivational and other articles pertaining to self-development.  This August, you will see more changes.


I  have decided to make AMSDaily more simplistic; more minimal; more authentic.  I appreciated all of our beautiful photos from our contributing photographers but this time you will only get the content – no more photos, with the exception of (perhaps) mine and our authors on the About Page tab.


The lay out design will also be different. There will no longer be a header nor an ads bar – nor the twitter and FB icon on the secondary sidebar. You will also just see the current post minus the busy articles in all parts of the landing page. You will only read the content of the day on the top portion of the page and you will need to scroll down to access previously published articles. (think Leo Babauta and his work who has inspired me on my level of productivity)


I have also decided to eliminate the Saturday Success stories – whose lives and stories have impacted mine as well as yours. The previous interviews that I did will be archived – and you will continue to have access to these amazing stories of men and women across the globe.


I have also decided to trim down the frequency  of our publication into a bi-weekly schedule. You will expect to continue to read from our amazing writers: Stuart Young, Kenton Sefcik, Buenaflor Laoang-Rosete, Elizabeth Scala, and Charm Damon.


I have also decided that our work is an art – of which we promise to continue delivering you some thought-inspiring articles in helping you become better persons – as we also become better individuals in our own personal journey.


As the creator of AMSDaily, I have also decided to connect with you more. I invite you to comment, journal, share, and even email me ( if you wish to engage more in each of the articles that we will publish. I also invite you to utilize our Facebook Fan Page whenever you can and connect with readers like you on topics that truly made your day. Leaving a digital mark on any post that speaks to you will remind us that our work is truly appreciated by readers like you. When you do that, please know that how thankful we are!


I believe in making changes.

I believe that staying true to the purpose of AMSDaily is important in the growth that we all seek.

On behalf of the AMSDaily TEAM, thank you for the journey – and I can not wait until Thursday – for the brand new AMSDaily!


Alpha Sanford is a Filipino-American educator, entrepreneur and the creator of Aspire.Motivate.Succeed! a personal development website which aims to inspire and motivate people from all walks of life through its bi-weekly articles.  You can contact her via facebook, twitter, and email.