Life is Good


There is always that threshold in our lives when we know and finally feel that we are blessed.  We may sometimes feel unhappy or even disgusted with what we have. However, in the course of what the universe and what God has for us – He knows that every little thing in our life is a work of art. It is a work of who we are or who He wants us to become.


One of the things that made me think of this closely is a Facebook Shout out of my college classmate, Angel Rose Sapaden Gabion. She wrote one day and I quote,


10 years ago, I was a jobless Filipina teacher in a foreign country with only a few hundreds of dollars in her pocket. Every day I prayed for a job. We’ve applied to all the schools in the Rio Grande Valley (Texas), from Laredo to Harlingen. Many of the other teachers have been offered a job and all I had were job interviews. I was getting depressed, frustrated, and worried. Until one Sunday I decided to enter a little white church. Most of the members were Caucasian. As a newbie in the US, I felt a little uncomfortable. However, they made me feel like a family. Before the start of their service, they passed around a microphone for prayer requests. I knew that moment I had to speak out. So I told them about my story and that I’m looking for a job. Seating 2 pews behind me was the director of Special Education from the Edinburg School District. I applied at Cano-Gonzalez Elementary School, was scheduled for a job interview and was given the job few days after. We even had to make an overseas call my former boss, Mrs. Lazo, because the school principal wanted to know more about my working skills. At that time, the district was hesitant in hiring Filipino teachers. But with God’s grace, race was not an issue! I will be forever grateful to Margie Barrera (Special Ed director), Dahlia Sanchez (my principal), and everyone in Texas that helped me in any way they could! Every day I use this story as a reminder of how blessed I am! Yes, God answers prayers in His own terms. And if He does, it is more than what you’ve asked for!”


After reading this shout out from Angel, I really can not  help but smile and really appreciate the fact that we may have started with many forms of struggles but really what matters most is where we are right now, or where we are headed. There are always hopes available to people who hold the right dream and the ability to hold that dream in their hearts and in their minds. There are always “things” to look forward to; events that are magical – and only you can definitely say, “Ah…life is good!”


I hope that everyone I know, including you (dear readers) shall know and feel that life is really, really wicked good!


Alpha Sanford is a Filipino-American educator, entrepreneur and the creator of Aspire.Motivate.Succeed! a personal development website which aims to inspire and motivate people from all walks of life through its bi-weekly articles.  You can contact her via facebook, twitter, and email. Alpha wants to emphasize that she is also an educator and will always be an educator just like Angel and her other University of the Philippines (UP-Diliman) graduate of the  Special Education College of Education Batch ’01 and ’02.