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The only way that we can grow is if we anticipate change. Change is a  huge part of life. It is part of the cycle. It is part of nature and our own nature. Change is inevitable. It is our friend. People who are afraid to change and of changes are usually those who do not go any farther than they wish to have. People who are stuck with their own ideas are usually stubborn in listening other people’s feedback and mostly contented (yet unhappy) with where they are.  People who are afraid to change do not grow because…


Change means growth –


The month of July reminds me of many changes. It was in this month that I first came to the United States (change #1) years ago. This month last year we came up with the first AMSDaily book (change #2), a collaboration of our writers. This month last year was when we moved to another town, in a different neighborhood with different people (change #3). It was at the beginning of this month that I thought we’d make a change with AMSDaily’s appearance (change #4).


I am sure I can fill up a list of the changes that I have done for the month of July – and throughout the year – but I won’t bore you with the details anymore.


But what I want to say is this: when we grow, we become better. And in our quest of improving ourselves and becoming better, sometimes some people who used to be in our lives start to move away from us – and we become far from each other. It is a natural progression. People who do not have the same interests fall apart. People who repels from each other go the opposite direction. It is this process when we truly begin to metamorphose and open to more opportunities. If people are truly happy with the change, and if you are truly appreciative of your growth, know that in your journey to a better life, expect to close some doors – but expect to see even bigger windows with better views.


Accept the change – do not be afraid. Remind yourself that you are growing. Remind yourself that this good. Once you accept it fully you know, you’ll expect more blessings!


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