Your Best You


Photo of Hannah Young


By Kenton Sefcik


Game Face, definition from Urban Dictionary:

#1) A confident swagger you bring out when you are about to get ready to tackle something difficult, or when you are about to take on a challenge. Or when you are getting ready to get down to hard business.”


A recent conversation with two different individuals sparked this post. Both individuals are self-employed and have a direct relationship to clients, such as I do as a Registered Acupuncturist to my patients. Everything I do can and will be held against me during the healing session.


Just last week I had a patient ask me, “Are you always like this, or is this just for the job?” It felt like somewhat of a trick questions because I can’t be ‘happy-go-lucky-Mr.-Positive-acupuncture-guy’ all the time, so I responded as honestly as I could, “Actually, I love my job and it brings this out.”


In today’s world of customer service, where customer service is severely lacking, it doesn’t take much to be on top. If I keep a positive attitude, follow up with my clientele (read: be proactive) and keep my energy high, I will keep attracting good people and they will keep coming back. My client roster is a direct result of this. I’m a walking experiment.


An important key to life and business is that when things are going downhill – when my numbers dip, I never point my finger outwards. I never try to blame external circumstances for what is happening to me. I always point the finger back on myself and ask, “Could I be doing a better job here? Am I putting in 120% effort?” Every single time, I find that I could definitely be doing something better.


Simply, in summary, I always think I can improve how I put my game face on. I just put myself in my patient’s shoes, try to picture how they would like to see me, and I do that.




Kenton Sefcik is a father, husband, Registered Acupuncturist, published author, public speaker and martial artist. You can read more of his ramblings on his website Harbour Health. You can contact him via email at harbourhealth(at) or subscribe to his Facebook page at