Take the opportunity today to take a step toward one of your career goals


Photo of Hannah Young


By Stuart Young


Hopefully you already have a list of your career goals. If you haven’t made one yet, do it now,today! Make sure you organise it afterwards in to a priority list – it doesn’t matter at this time if things will actually pan out exactly as on your list. The important thing is to get the thought process going, the more organised your mind is around the subject the more likely you are to start taking action, and that action will lead to another and another. Be flexible along the way, use your intuition to guide you.


OK, for those of you that have written and organised your list – take the first step to achieving the first one. Whatever it is, do it! As with other goals, if the first step is actually quite daunting, break it down in to another 4 or 5 steps. But enable yourself to take a step that will actually start the ball rolling, something that will actually move you ‘towards’ that goal.


Once you’ve done it you’ll feel fantastic, energised, motivated and inspired. It’s worth doing for that feeling alone. And remember, it doesn’t matter how small the steps are as long as you take a step each day.


Take care and feel unlimited.



Stuart Young is the author of How to Change Your Life One Day at a Time and creator of the ‘Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life’ program. His mission is to help individuals change their lives for the better by offering daily practical guides and new ways of thinking. You can contact him via facebook, email or his blog.