Do We Resist Growth?


Photo of Hannah Young


By Avdhessh Arya


Just the other night, I was watching the movie ‘Abraham Lincoln, the Vampire Hunter’.


As soon the movie got over, my critical mind rejected the concept of ‘vampires’ by calling that a myth. “Well, it’s just a movie.” I said to myself.


I found no difference in my skepticism and Mary’s (Abraham Lincoln’s wife in the movie) that had rejected the concept of vampires as a myth when Lincoln had tried to tell her the truth.


Isn’t it funny that our minds jump to conclusions so fast; we either accept or reject things, presuming that we know everything about the world and its mysteries.


But, actually, do we really know everything or is it a technique of mind to not let us have ‘an open mind’?


Do we resist changing our beliefs and conceptions, and by doing so, don’t we resist growth?


Guess what, it seems that we’re afraid at some deeper level that things we reject as ‘myth’ might really exist…..they may be for real. I mean, who knows?


Avdhessh Arya is a personal development coach and voice actor based in New Delhi, India. He writes his thoughts on his website You can contact him via email atavdhessharya@gmail.comfacebook, twitter, or subscribe to his blog.