Laughter Yoga



If you haven’t laughed in a while, my guess is that you are lonely, sad, irritable, very unhappy, depressed – I see the negative picture there.


If you have laughed in the last hour, that is wonderful! You are one of the very few people who are utilizing a God given gift of happiness very well.


This morning, Debbie Tooney of Ultimate Healing Journey shared her wisdom with us on how laughter is our natural pain killer, how laughter can heal us and help us build better immune system. She taught us the benefits of laughing including:


–       making us happier

–       fostering positive psychology in our lives

–       releasing “endorphins” from our body

–       making us look younger, healthier (yes, when you laugh you also burn calories)

–       being a form of exercise

–       “the shortest distance between two people is – laughter”


What I like about her presentation is the practicality of it and the immediate response you get from your  body and your surroundings.  She also shared that when you laugh, whether a fake one or not, your body does not really know the difference between the both. Your mental faculty will automatically register that you are laughing and your body will automatically secrete more endorphins.


I’ll tell you even on my way home today, I was still laughing just by thinking of how I laughed and how everybody’s laughter was definitely contagious.


And if you haven’t laughed in while, check Debbie’s two-minute video below and see if you can start laughing.


It is really the best medicine!




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