Words Impact Our Health


Photo of Hannah Young


By Elizabeth Scala


What words shape your life?

I was sitting at my desk around mid-day; my eyes feeling tired. I decided to walk away from the computer to fill up my water jug. As I was standing at the cooler, I overheard an outrageous statement. A woman nearby blurted out: “I’d estimate I have about 15 years left on this earth and that’s about it…” My jaw dropped to the floor as I finished filling up my water bottle and walked away.

And yes, I looked up and see who made the statement… just by looking at the woman’s outer physique- she did not look that old! Yet, those were her words that came out of her mouth. And she sounded completely serious. “I have about fifteen years left and that’s about it…”

Our words are powerful things. Our words create our experiences and shape our reality. What comes out of our mouths is our truth. Then our truth becomes our experience.

Behind our words are also our thoughts. What we think has the potential to empower or break us down. Think we can do it- we can! Think we cannot- guess what? We are less likely to. There’s an old saying by Henry Ford that goes: “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t- you’re right.”

I recently went through a six week course called “How to Manifest Anything” with a spiritual teacher. In it we went through several steps of manifestation. I recall that many of the exercises we did we actually said the words out loud. State our affirmations, speak them. Not just in our minds, but aloud in our voices. Other techniques included having conversations between parts of our “selves” out loud… actually letting each part have a voice to break down blocks.

There is power in our words. How do you choose yours? Do you invite health and well-being to your life? Or do you say things like “I’m too fat… I’m stupid… I’m ugly… I can’t do it…” When it comes to making, setting, and reaching health goals you have to believe you can do so. Then you have to state those beliefs out loud: “I can do this… I am beautiful… I am healthy… I reach my goals.”

Instead of wishing life away with stating how much time you have left; how about enjoying every moment and living as if you are a child again? Strive to do this each day you are blessed with on this earth! Enjoy yourself and speak of the health you desire. Bring the lifestyle of wellness, peace, and joy into your everyday experience- just by carefully choosing the words you speak.


Nurse Coach Elizabeth Scala is a certified health and wellness coach, master’s prepared RN, and Reiki Master. Besides being the owner of Living Sublime Wellness and the founder of the RejuveNation Collaboration, Elizabeth is also an inspirational and motivational author and speaker. She presents workshops, educates organizations, and helps people live holistic lives of well-being. If you’re interested in finding out more, visit Coach Scala at www.elizabethscala.com and receive your special gift, “I Don’t Have Time: The Number One Barrier & What to Do About It”.