What is a Remarkable Act?


I would not have the answer for this question until a few days ago.


Monday, I went back to work and an hour into my day I bumped into one of my colleagues and she said, “Alpha, we have something in support for you!” I said nonchalantly, “Well, thank you!” not knowing exactly what that ‘something’ was about. Quickly she responded, “No, Alpha you have to come and see me. You have to read it.” So, I replied, “Sure, I will stop by sometime today after my meetings.”


A few hours passed and I made my way to her office. When I got there, she gave me what I thought was just an ordinary document – and I began to read it. What exactly was on that paper was something beautifully written, something I would never ever expected that my colleagues would do for me.  They wrote (or at least spearheaded by MLR) what they thought of me, as their colleague. On the bottom of that paper were a few signatures of my colleagues, which really at that point made me say, ‘Oh you guys did not have to this. But thank you!’ But then, I realized what MLR gave me was not just a piece of paper, but actually at least five pages filled with signatures of my colleagues petitioning me to stay where I am and continue to work with them.


At that point, tears began to fill my eyes and I caught myself crying (I held it back as much as I could because there were students in MLR’s office). I felt very very special to be thought of that way and to be regarded that way by my colleagues– but something even greater and even more remarkable than the words they used to describe me, came out of that moment. And it was them – my colleagues.


That moment truly defined what kind of people I work with. They did what was remarkable. They did what I thought was so amazing, I can not even thank them enough! It was the very act of them getting together and placing their signatures of confidence in the work that I do with them. It was them – and their very remarkable act of standing what they thought was right and how they are willing to support a colleague (me) in the work that we do as a TEAM.


I probably could have hugged MLR at that moment but I did not. I was just too overwhelmed or maybe too happy or maybe too inspired – I do not know, to tell you the truth. Whatever the reason or my state of mind at that time, I knew for sure what my colleagues did was something that will keep me inspired and work even harder with them because I know people like them, who are remarkable deserve a remarkable kind of leadership.


And that is the promise I take with me. Thank you everyone!



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