Learn Something New


Photo of Hannah Young

As I study the habits of successful people I realize that everything is learnable. You can learn to be successful. You can learn to be great. You can learn to be anything. In fact, everything that you have right now as part of your life repertoire was something that you initially learned. Age, location or resources do not exactly matter. What matters is your willingness to learn.


A few days ago, I attended the funeral of Julia’s father (my colleague). Attending a funeral ceremony always gets into my heart but this one is different. One  – because the mass was held by a Jewish Rabbi (my first time) and second, because I was with my colleagues in this type of setting (normally, we would be around at work in a more casual interaction). Towards the end of the ceremony, friends and family members of the deceased went up and shared their fondest memory of him. All of them said that while Len was still alive he would always learn something new. It was shared that he learned to play tennis at the age of 40; he learned to ski at the age of 50; he continued to learn all about the latest technology at the speed of which each new gadget arrives in the market. He was constantly learning – was what everyone said. He was always a learner – and age, certainly wasn’t an issue.


What amazed me at that point was the fact that here’s a man, who was remembered practically for what he had done – and what he had learned in life and how he shared his skills to people around him. It was inspiring!


People who live their lives successfully and happily, always strive to learn something new, something that will keep them alive and young. And then once they learn, they are always willing to teach other people their new found skill.


I know there is always room to learn something – what do you want to learn this year that you have always wanted to learn?


Share your answers below.


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