Death and Life’s Lessons



I was just getting ready to write about all the wonderful things I learned from last week’s Investor’s Roadshow led by the Philippines Ambassador to the US, Jose Cuisia when the unexpected happened.  As I checked my phone for a quick break to gather my thoughts for the article, all these shout outs and messages kept on streaming on my newsfeed! Then, I paused.


I can not believe what I just read! An old friend was burned to death in a limousine yesterday in San Mateo, California! I just could not believe it! In fact, I just saw her post a picture on Facebook a few days ago – and was admiring her beauty and elegance – and now this tragedy.


According to the news on SFGate, Neriza Fojas, died as the limousine burst into flames while heading to her bridal shower. She and the other four women at the back of the limo were killed! The other four women and the limo driver were able to escape but two are currently under critical condition. As I read more about the tragedy, I can not help but think of Neriza and how I realize that life is really, really so short.


I also realize that you do not know when your number is up and that you must enjoy every second of it.


It was also like the lecture of Dr. Paush who died in 2008 from pancreatic cancer and who said in his Carnegie Mellon “last lecture” to have fun and live life!


To Neriza, may you rest in peace.

And may your smile always help us remember that life is meant to be enjoyed.

And may your beauty always remind us that we are surrounded with beautiful things and people that we love; and that we must treasure them all.

And may your strength and memories you have shared with us remain in our hearts forever.

We are thinking of you! From my family in the Philippines and here, you are in our prayers.


Editor’s Note: I had to take a break from the success story series this week, in honor of our dear friend, Neriza Fojas. May you now rest in peace. Above photo was copied from Neriza’s Facebook profile.