10-Minutes to Success


Photo of Hannah Young


by Alpha Sanford


If all that you have is ten minutes and you want to get ahead of the game called ‘life’, here’s one quick but powerful way to become successful. Below you will find simple steps to propel your life at a different angle – again, only for ten minutes (if that is all you have, my friend).

1. Get a piece of paper and a pen. Think on paper.

2. In three minutes, I want you to write down your three important goals in life. Three minutes only. If you can not think of any three goals you want in life then I will tell you to better start thinking and wanting to have something – anything right now.

3. Then, read these goals.

4. Read them once more. Be clear.

5. On each of these goals, write one action plan you need to do immediately to be closer to your three goals. Stash it away. Look for it in another year.

By doing this, you have already made yourself one of the elite 3% people in the world who commit to sit down and write their goals. These people who took their time to think through what they want and wrote them on paper were almost 100% achieved everything they’ve written.

I am confident you can, too!

So – ten minutes. Do it now – you are one step closer to your success.


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