Kindness still prevails for Boston

martin richard

by Alpha Sanford


In light of what happened last Monday at the Boston marathon, there is one thing I have taken away from the tragedy and that is: kindness.

As I watch the runners, the spectators and the first responders seconds after the first explosion, I saw how they offered themselves to the victims. I saw what was intelligible and also the highest act of mankind. Despite fears and uncertainty, I saw in their eyes  a genuine will to give; I saw strength and most of all I understood how we can all be united and offer of what we have to other people in need. This is because I know as human beings, we are innately kind and this kindness that we have will always prevail in any situations that will test our integrity and our value as a member of the society.

You may not know it but your kindness dictates what kind of a person you are.

Your kindness tells you what decisions to make and what actions to take.

Your kindness speaks well of you.

And if you think you are not kind enough, you know there will be times that your level of kindness will be questioned. When that happens, I know you will be one of the few people who will instinctively give and offer your open arms to those in need.

It is just too sad that somehow there are still people out there whose minds are clouded with fear and cowardice. Those people whose hearts are dimmed; whose hearts need to be opened and be filled with kindness. It is too tough to think that a few people have taken the innocence in the lives of Martin Richard, Krystle Campbell and Lu Lingzi.

I ask that you help to spread kindness as we remember the lives of those who were affected by the Boston marathon explosion. I ask that you  do one act of kindness today in memoriam of those affected.

I ask that you share what you have done and comment below.

Remember, one act of kindness brightens up a whole world of darkness. Do your share today.

Kindness still prevails here in Boston.


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