5 Ways to Sustain your Passion


Photo of Hannah Young


by Alpha Sanford


I read success stories as much as I can. I delight in knowing how ordinary people transform their lives to success. I love getting to know them and sharing their stories.  Over the past year, I have interviewed successful people in all walks of life and as I reread them more often I begin to understand a common thread why these people are successful at what they do; and it’s all because of their passion.


These people are nothing different from you and me. They all got some form of education (some did not even finish college) and know how to deal with people around them. But what really makes them stand out is their unbelievable amount of passion in what they do; they have what most of them say, “fire in my belly”


Passion is the reason why you are where you are now; this is also the reason why you choose to stay in this field even if some initials at the end of your name means having the lowest compensation in the nation as indicated by the latest CNN Money’s survey. This is also why I see you every day making everything work for the people around you.


But, let us admit it. The average life span of a worker burn out is five years.  Some of us are approaching that limit; some have made their mark (great job!) But the reality is, when the going gets tough and changes in the system occur, sometimes we are drained by the negativity around us that we begin to lose sight knowing how to separate our passion from our emotions.


So, how do you sustain your passion? Based from what I observe among these successful in various industries, they keep their momentum going by doing the following:

  1. They surround themselves with positive people. They gather around friends who encourage them rather than destroy them.
  2. They read and enrich themselves in the area that they are passionate about.
  3. They see the end of everything, not just what is happening at the moment. They focus on the results.
  4. They are ultra multi-passionate (a word coined by Marie Forleo) who have multiple interests that they can switch back and forth to channel their ideas and also their energies.
  5. They see the value of what they do in the community.


If you want to be successful in your chosen field, people around you must see that you are passionate in  what you do for them and with them. Your passion will show very well when you care for them (people around you); when you show that you are genuine and are truly, madly in love with what you do.


Do you still see that ‘fire in your belly?’ How can you ignite it?


What do you need to do in order to restore it? What can you do to keep the ‘fire’ burning?


Let me know your thoughts here. I welcome them all!



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