Success Story: PJ Valenciano, Palamuti jewelry designer


I love jewelry and that is a fact. So when Michelle, the international distributor for Palamuti by PJ Valenciano approached me for a potential opportunity – I jumped right in. Not only because I have an affinity with jewelry but because of the unique story of Palamuti.


Palamuti is the Filipino word for jewels. PJ Valenciano, a University of the Philippines graduate started making jewelry during her spare time. Her background in fine arts combined with her passion for culture and the arts make her designs a breath of fresh air.


You can contact and buy her wonderful collection by calling her (02) 964.1997 or (0917) 860.7193. You can also check her out at the following sites: /


This is her story:


Alpha: Tell us the story of your Palamuti Jewelry and why you started it?


PJ Valenciano: I started designing accessories as a hobby, which was introduced to me by my sister, which ended up two years later as my full time career. After completing several courses focused on bead weaving, intricate wiring, and advanced embellishments, I decided to spend my time in creating one-of-a-kind fashion accessories. These products have come to be known as Palamuti Storytelling Jewels.In time, I decided to use Palamuti as a way to provide employment opportunities to women, especially those from the urban poor communities in Metro Manila and from rural provinces.


 Alpha: Tell us about the biggest successes and failures in your business. What worked, what didn’t, and what did you learn?


PJ Valenciano:Our business is still growing, but one of biggest achievements is being able to find people who believe in our enterprise and who our willing to invest. When Michelle, our US counterpart for Palamuti, got in touch with us when she watched us on THE FILIPINO CHANNEL, it was a big opportunity for us to expand our business abroad.


For the past years, we have been faithful to our vision of empowering women through creating and designing with Palamuti. Gradually, we are gaining momentum locally, and people are becoming aware that we do this not just for profit, but also as a business with social responsibilities.


We take the good with the bad. I see failures as stepping stones on how to improve and manage our business better.We won’t associate with people who will shortchange our products on price. There are people who will take advantage andit’s expected that there are people who will copy our designs. Rather than focus on going after and engaging these sorts of people, we focus on improving our work instead.

PJ necklace1


Alpha:  What do you want to achieve in:

PJ Valenciano:  

the next week: Finish a mermaid inspired necklace

the next year: Make Fine Jewelry

the next 10 years: Chain of Palamuti Stores all over the world J


Alpha:  What was your most inspiring moment doing what you do at as a jewelry designer?


PJ Valenciano:Seeing our trained craftswomen fulfill, not only because they earn money for their family, but because they are have a source of pride with their continually expanding skills.


Alpha:  If you were to tell us what are the most important skills that you need in order to be successful (in general) in life- what are they?

PJ Valenciano:  Aside from acquiring the necessary skills and techniques, and continually improving them, it is equally important to stay inspired.  Being passionate with what you do, and inspiring people that see your love for what you are doing.  They are more willing to support and be part of your journey.But above all, learn to share your blessings.

PJ necklace 2


Alpha:  How would you define Success?


PJ Valenciano:  Success is being happy with what you do. It’s doing what you love most, first thing in the morning and before you sleep. For me, success is being able to inspire others to make a difference not necessarily in a grand scale,even if it’s just one person at a time.


Alpha:  What are your favorite things?


PJ Valenciano:

Movie: Spirited Away

Book: The Girl with no Shadow by Joanne Harris

Place on earth:  Home

Travel: Cambodia

Quote: Follow your passion and fortune will follow


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