Success Story: Stacey Shipman, Speaker and Coach


Stacey Shipman helps individuals increase personal and professional effectiveness by strengthening presentation skills. She provides speaking programs, workshops and services that focus on reducing speaking anxiety, presenting yourself with confidence and authority, connecting to your audience and clearly communicating your message.


Growing up, she was the quietest girl in class but she was able to prove that with training, persistence and motivation she is now considered as one of the best speakers, businesswomen and freelance writers in the South Shore!


Stacey was also named as one of the 40 under 40 by the South Shore STARS in 2011. She is a well respected community leader, author and has been featured in multiple newspapers and magazines in Massachusetts as an entrepreneur. You can check out her company at You can also contact her  via email at, via Twitter: @staceyshipman and also by phone at 617-548-5877 for your professional and personal needs.


This is her story:


Alpha: Tell us the story of your company and why you started it?


Stacey: Originally I became self-employed to rid myself of corporate stress. When the stress didn’t go away I had to dig deep and figure out why. As I evolved, my work and business evolved. Although I won the Quietest Girl Award in 6th grade, today I have a career as a professional communicator -speaking and writing with a focus on helping others speak up with confidence. We all have a story to tell.


Alpha: Tell us about the biggest successes and failures in your business. What worked, what didn’t, and what did you learn?


Stacey: Success: After presenting a speech called Feel Your Best, I guided the audience through a relaxation exercise. After the program ended, one audience member approached me with tears in her eyes. She lives with chronic pain and for the fifteen minutes of that exercise, she didn’t have any pain. Work doesn’t get more satisfying than that.


Failure: Look, it sounds cliche, but the truth is, no matter how frustrated and stressed out I get wondering where the next gig ($$$) will come from, I wouldn’t give any of the experiences I’ve had back. I am where I am today and have a really strong message because of the ups and downs. Women often ask me, “How do I know I’m doing the right thing?” and I tell them, “You don’t. And you’ll never know if you never take a step.” I truly believe the only failure is not trying at all.


Alpha: What do you want to achieve in your company or in what you do:


the next week:



Stacey: I want to have the first draft of my book done. It’s about creating a bigger presence and impact by strengthening your presentation skills.


the next year:



Stacey: I’d like to speak in schools – youth, college and teens – share my story as quietest girl and why I became the quietest girl, and how tools like yoga, meditation, writing helped build my confidence, reclaim my voice and make a difference in my community


I’d also like to get an essay published, I’m still identifying publications and drafting the essay.


the next 10 years:


Stacey: Honestly, I never think that far out because if you told me five years ago I’d be a speaker and writer for a career I would have laughed out loud. That said, my big goal has always been to write. Write articles, blogs, books and then share that information and inspiration with others. I’m on that path.


Alpha: What was your most inspiring moment doing what you do?


Stacey: See above when I mentioned the woman in pain. Also, I love getting emails from people who read my blogs, newsletters and articles telling me how helpful my words have been. Words are powerful. I wished more people shared their stories. I know from first hand experience how hard that is, though. You have to be ok with vulnerability.


Alpha: If you were to tell us what are the most important skills that you need in order to be successful in life- what are they?


Stacey: Resilience, perseverance, flexibility to adapt, strong support system, good health – if you’re not healthy mentally and physically, the rest won’t matter. Your health and having coping skills in place must come first.


Alpha: How would you define Success?


Stacey: Funny you ask. I wrote a blog post about it. The last line of the post sums it up: “If I’m helping people feel better personally or professionally, whether I’m paid or not, that is success.”


Don’t get me wrong, I prefer to get paid!


You can read the full blog post here:


Alpha: What are your favorite things?





Footloose (the original version from the 80s) is the first movie that popped into my mind!



I don’t have a favorite book!


Place on earth:

Hanging in my backyard on a summer evening with my husband and our cats



Italy and Costa Rica



Pizza and Syrian food



Lately it’s the fruit smoothie’s I make: banana, berries or mango, and kale. believe it or not they are yummy!



“Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are.” – Chinese Proverb


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