Lessons from my Post-Grad Experiences


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Dear readers,


Did you know that over the past three weeks, now on its fourth, I have been keeping roaming streets and keeping my eyes and mind wide awake till the wee hours of the morning, trying to finish my research paper for the Masteral program?


That will elicit a wow, I guess, from readers who’d first be impressed by the achievement ahead. But you know what, this course has led me to experience sleepless nights, frustrations and discouragement, and many downfalls (not to mention when the computer corrupted an edited file).


Today, the task isn’t finished but I decide to rest a while. I suddenly missed my children who I haven’t hugged and told stories with for some days. I suddenly want to fall in love more deeply with my husband, who I haven’t kissed for some time. I suddenly come across that thought, that the greatest accomplishment I could ever claim that makes me truly happy, is to be with my family, and embrace them close.


Yes, sometimes we come to embracing things that will lead us to some sort of success; we have to. But success is right with us- our loved ones, them who complete our triumphs because they are our greatest rewards, without having to try so hard.


Today, I put off my paper works and decide to be happy. I thank God for all the lessons behind the thesis work but especially, for the perfect timing. Today is my son’s birthday, and I will be happily celebrating it with them along with the thanksgiving that my graduation for the Masters program is not too far away.


I hope this can leave some bits of inspiration to us all. Happy AMS Daily!


Thanking God for making all things possible,


Editor’s Note: We wish Buenaflor Laoang all the success as she pursues her Master’s Degree program. I understand the challenges and also the sacrifices that come with it. I’ve been there, done that. It took me three years to get mine done while having a full-time job and raising a very young child before. But it was all worth it. To you, Manang Buenaflor Laoang – keep up the work. You will get there!



Buenaflor Laoang-Rosete is a mother, freelance writer and a researcher based in Tarlac, Philippines. She writes her thoughts on her website Fragrant Lives. You can contact her via email at buenalaoang@yahoo.com, facebook, or subscribe to her blog.