Three Simple Ways To Achieve Your Goal


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The difference between a winner and a loser is that the winner has goals and action plans to support them but the loser does not.  Oftentimes when you are at a party and you start talking to people you can easily spot a winner versus a loser by their simple statements. Person A says “You know, I want to be rich” while Person B claims, “By 2014, I will earn $500, 000 a year by slowly investing my money to some trading companies, change my marketing plan and make it more profitable and also rethink of maximizing my productivity.” You see what I am saying here?

The winner has goals that are measurable,  deadline-specific  and with attached course of actions to get to where she wants. The winner states goals that are in the present tense and feels confident about achieving them. The winner is diligent, consistent and dedicated to what she wants to get in life. She is rock solid with her goal. No one can rock the boat she is in – because she knows  very well and is committed to making it happen.

How about you?

Are you a winner?

If not, but would like to become one, here are three simple ways to get you started:

1. Know what X goal you want You can not get to where you want  unless you know exactly  where to go. Just like taking a bus or a train – if you suddenly decided to take the train or the bus and just want to go ‘somewhere’  without a specific destination, you  know you will be wasting your time with the possibility of getting lost. Until you know exactly where you are going, you will never know your destination. So, right now at this very moment I want you to ask yourself, “What do I want in life?”


2. Decide that you want that X goal, badly. I was speaking with a colleague one day and I told her one of my goals in life (I should not have said anything but I did it anyway) and she looked at me and asked, “How was your childhood? Were you deprived?” Not only was she judgmental in the questions she asked but later revealed to me that she, being in an average American household did not desire anything else but to live simply and to travel around the world. She said she has done that and has no desire whatsoever to go beyond that. I looked at her and thought to myself, “I see then why you live the way you live and are telling me that your relative helps you with the bills!”  What I gather here is unless you want a certain goal so badly, you will never never be able to achieve something better in life. Unless you have a burning desire to reach for your goals, you will either a) not achieve it or b) you will achieve it but will take longer or you will be going from one goal to another without a direction. Right now ask yourself, “How much do I want this X goal  in my life?”


3. Write your X goal – There is a miracle between what goes on in your head and your hand. In school, teachers ask you to write the important points of the lesson so you will remember it when the test comes. You will be surprised that 9 out 10, when you write something you can easily retrieve it from your memory. In life, when you write something your sub consciousness will work in such a way that your actions will follow through with what you wrote. I remember growing up I used to have my bucket list every year and recently as I was digging through my old files, I saw a page I wrote in 2004. On it are the 50 things I want to achieve in life. As I was going down the list I found myself checking 13 out of the 50 and put a huge smile of my face. How about you? Have you made your list yet? Ask yourself, “If I want to be this X person, would I commit to write down my goals?” I will tell you, you’d be stupid if you don’t – and if you don’t, you’d be the like that same loser down the street who does not have any goals at all.


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