Who really matters?


Photo of Hannah Young


By Avdhessh Arya



There are two kinds of people in the world. People who believe in you and people who don’t.


People who don’t believe in you may have their reasons-they are jealous of you, they don’t think anyone else can be good at something or maybe they are plain negative.


Don’t waste your life trying to convince the people who don’t believe in you, because that would be nothing but a waste of time. Instead, work on strengthening the bond between you and the people who believe in you, because in the end it’s the people who have faith in you matter.



Avdhessh Arya is a personal development coach and voice actor based in New Delhi, India. He writes his thoughts on his website avdhessharya.com You can contact him via email at avdhessharya@gmail.com, facebook, twitter, or subscribe to his blog.