Five Easy Ways to Keep Yourself Sexy and Successful



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Whether you like it or not there will be days when you feel that staying on top of your game is not your priority. But, how do you sustain your energy and your motivation when you feel a bit burned out? How do you stay focused and carry your passion even if you feel the opposite inside?


Here are five very easy and quick ways to stay positive and refuel your drive to success and sexiness (Trust me if you have two minutes, that is all you need for following these quick-fixes back to your good old self)


  1. Know your “why” – Being passionate is meaningless if you do not know the reason why you do what you do. You gotta know your ‘why’ and really become the best of buddies with it. If you are unclear about it, rethink about it. Successful people who fail do not necessarily crash and give up too easily. The reason being? It is because they believe in ‘why’ they do what they do. They have a mission and they strongly stand by it – either through ups or downs.


  1. Think of the people you have helped – Right now, if you can think of at least one person whom you have helped, you’ve succeeded! The game of life is about helping others, right? You are here because you are connected to people who need you. You are part of the puzzle – an important piece to complete the picture.


  1. Write five things that make you smile – Or if you are not a pen or a pencil person, grab your phone, Ipad or any electronic devices and start typing the things that make you smile – even the slightest smile. Just write five things – the first five things that comes to your mind, After writing them, I guarantee you – you will find yourself smiling and refreshed!


  1. Take a two- minute meditation – Here’s how it works: think of success and how you see yourself being successful. Then hold that picture in your mind while taking a deep breath. Exhale and say, “I am successful!” (You can also add, “I am successful and sexy”)


  1. Start moving your body – Easy Peasy! Stand up and walk around. Do not sit down for two minutes just keep on moving. I do not care how you move – just start moving. Move your fingers; shake your hands; wiggle your toes; stretccchhh – whatever. Get your momentum and feel your energy. Gotta feel alive! You have to feel thankful that you are alive! Sometimes, all you need is a little kick in the butt to get back on track and feel sexy all over again.


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