Colliding with Others


Photo of Hannah Young


By Avdhessh Arya


Recently, I visited a restaurant along with my friend. During the conversation I felt the need to visit the washroom.


The washroom area had quite dim lighting and I nearly collided with the person coming from the opposite direction. I said sorry and turned to the right, but he also turned to the right and I banged my head in a mirror. I realized that the other person was my reflection in the mirror in the wall. I smiled at my folly.


In life also, we often collide and clash with other people, their thinking, their point of views etc. and we think that they are getting into our way, while in reality, it’s us only, getting reflected by that ‘other person’.


Next time, when someone is ‘getting into your way or blocking your path’, carefully examine the situation. There might be no one except you and your preconceived notions about that particular situation or person.



Avdhessh Arya is a personal development coach and voice actor based in New Delhi, India. He writes his thoughts on his website You can contact him via email at, facebook, twitter, or subscribe to his blog.