Can miracles happen to you?


Photo of Hannah Young


By Buenaflor Laoang-Rosete



This is a story, two years ago. I very well remember this date, January 11. It was on 1-11-11 that something beyond my reasoning happened right before my eyes.


It was at dusk, after work, when my family decided to put on our sports clothes and run around the track field for some bonding and healthy living as well. My three children were very pleased, and ran joyously and sped each other around the field, as if they were in a race.


There was this moment though, when while we are all resting together during our water break, my son, aged three that time, spiritedly ran by himself, heading to the grandstand. And then from nowhere, a dog (big in stature) appeared and was running wildly to my son’s direction. I ran as fast as I could to shield my son from an impending harm, and a young cadet from the military training corps who was having his army drills at that time, ran to rescue as well. We all knew that the dog was going to attack my son!


That moment, I just rested my fears and hopes to Jesus. I knew there was no way to be near my son earlier than the dog would reach him. In that instant that I opened my eyes from prayer, I saw that the dog changed direction. Yes, as if an angel commanded it, “Go the other way!”


The event is something unexplainable. Up to this time, it is beyond my sense of logic how the dog, its eyes focused at attacking my child, could have “decided” to change its course, no more a meter away from my son. To me, it is a moment of miracle I will never forget.


My son still wore the gleeful eyes and his dimples show as I finally reached him and kissed him all over. The cadet went his way of taking back the dog (which happened to be their dog guard) to the barracks. I could see the cadet himself relieved of the “miracle”, but still showed his disappointment with the dog. I could only hug my son so tight.


I share this to you because, it’s true- there are miracles. There are guardian angels. There is God, and the power in a surrendering prayer.


There are miracles – and this one is one of them.



Buenaflor Laoang-Rosete is a mother, freelance writer and a public administrator based in Tarlac, Philippines. She writes her thoughts on her website Fragrant Lives. You can contact her via email at, facebook,  or subscribe to her blog.