What is your calling?


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By Alpha M. Sanford


When Debbie Tooney of Ultimate Healing Journey asked me  to figure out what is my calling, I immediately told her that is going to be a challenging task.


You see, just like you I, too have been in the process of searching and ‘trying’ to find my true calling.


I know I love what I do. I love being around my family and friends. I love interacting with people in school, at work, at the church or in the community. I love connecting with you and sharing stories of individuals who inspire me online. I love to read. I love to be inspired. I love meeting and interacting with successful people. I love everything that involves watching, feeling, hearing and anything that spells the word s-u-c-c-e-s-s.


Yes, I know I am obsessed with success.


But I am not clear about what is my calling.  Or, what my calling is calling me to do?


I know I am a mother, a teacher, a writer, an entrepreneur, a coordinator, a sister – a….you name it! I wear a lot of hats. But who and what I am called to do, is definitely something that involves digging deep within.


It involves sitting down and being quiet.

It involves thinking; listening inside me.

It involves having the pen touch the paper.

It involves peace and quiet.

It involves getting to know me even more.

It involves more than what I do on a daily basis.

It involves ‘me’.

And then – the epiphany!


What I realized as I answered Debbie’s question is that no matter how deep you dig through your heart and soul if you are not willing to listen and figure our that ONE common thread, that ONE teeny tiny reason why you do what you do in many colors and in many different ways, you will not succeed in knowing what is your calling.


But if you allow yourself to be open and be flexible and just try to answer that question, you’ll find your answer.


I know I did – and it was an epiphany.


What is your calling?


Alpha Sanford is the creator and editor of Aspire.Motivate.Succeed! a personal development website which aims to inspire and motivate people from all walks of life through its bi-weekly articles. She interviews and features inspiring individuals whose extraordinary work impact the lives of many people in the community. You can contact her via facebook, twitter, email or pinterest.



  1. Michael_e says:

    I ask myself the same question many times during my lifetime and usually I ran and hid from the responsibility of being accountable. Things change, I broke down the invisible wall of insecurity and I learned that if I had a mantra, a prayer, a thought that pleased my soul that I could move forward toward having an answer to “What is my calling??”. First the mantra; “Be kind, be loving, be patient and tolerant, be forgiving, be the person my Higher Power wants me to be.” The prayer is the mantra preceded by “Lord, give me the strength to”: ….and concluded wit the words; “Thy will not mine be done.” Secondly, the world changes every moment, my calling is predicated upon the chances that my Higher Power gives me. My calling today may not be what it was yesterday and it most assuredly will not be the same tomorrow, ergo: “Live in Today.” Lastly, I find life very enjoyable, my calling: “To Enjoy Life,” to choose to do the next right thing whenever God gives me the choice.
    Love, hugs and prayers…ME and the Boss

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