For 2013: One Goal Only


Photo of Hannah Young

By Alpha Sanford


Be more focused with your goal this year.

Simplify your goal and you will succeed better. Simplify it by having only one goal for this year. Start it now – it is the first day of 2013. Think of one goal, a goal that you really want to achieve.

See, the problem with having too many goals to accomplish within a year is a lot of distraction. You do not know where to begin because there are too many of them to choose from. But if you have only one goal to focus, to think through your plans to make it happen, to do more actions on and sustain that one goal – the probability of achieving it is higher.

That is why you should come up not with a list of new years’ resolutions but a GRAND GOAL for 2013. That way you do not have any excuses why you would fail; you won’t say you are too busy doing other things; you won’t be distracted – because again your full energy along with your thought-processes would only be funneled into one channel, your 2013 Goal.

That said, what shall be your ONLY focus and goal this year?


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