Strive to be Gentle

Photo of Ria G. Rombaoa

By Buena Laoang


Last night, the mother in me cried.
My youngest was having a hard cough, and crying in bed, I was trying to pacify her. My eldest, who saw the pillow her sister was using, pulled the pillow away, declaring “That’s mine!”
I cried, more than my youngest. Something inside me was hit by my eldest’s behavior at that moment. Scolding her in between tears, I was brought to make her see how blessed she is that when she was younger and still an only child, she’d been pampered and has been taken care of every minute. Why is she being harsh to her youngest sibling, who had to deal with divided attention and actually has been her and little brother’s “eager,  always present servant”?
Then today, I thought of people- like bosses in the workplace, or wives like me, or friends who think twice at returning calls or favors. Has anyone also observed somebody who is harsh other than how he or she should act? Like the boss who complains about unfinished assigned tasks- how much portion of his salary was because of simply assigning the work to other people? Or the wife (me not exempted!) who gets mad about the absence of her husband for a while, and does not ponder how long he had been there working for and supporting the family? That friend who shows pouted lips when asked a favor- while too many times she had run to you for something…


Why the harsh behavior? Why the selfishness? Don’t we see all the blessings that surround us?

Have we forgotten to appreciate? Especially these people, who serve us.. who make our lives lighter and more bearable for us. We neglect to see that truth.
You see, it’s natural when we were children. But now we are grown-ups, we should clearly see the difference, and strive to be gentler.