Every Year: Getting Younger, Going Faster


“There is no such thing as talent.  There is pressure.” – Alfred Adler, Austrian Psychotherapist


Photo from Keyks

By Kenton Sefcik


And every year, I hear so many people complain about getting older – so I’ve flipped it.  Every birthday I’ve ever had, starting when I turned 30, I pretended that I’m getting younger.  I picture in my mind’s eye how much more vibrant and full of youth I am and what that looks like: high energy, a very healthy lifestyle, lots of drive and a ton of positivity.


Keeping my youth in mind, I also play another game – I pretend that I’m seriously running out of time.  I take a few days and remind myself of my personal vision – what I want out of life.  This game puts a little extra pressure on me and helps to wash away any fears I may have; because if I’m running out of time, I’ve got nothing to lose.


Those two games I play in my mind might sound contradictory, but I feel they aren’t.  They are part of a healthy mind, body and soul that is necessary to continue on living.  So instead of getting down about turning the big ‘whatever,’ embrace it all.  And eat birthday cake, of course!


Memento mori!


PS: This post goes out to our very own – Alpha Sanford: Happy birthday today!