I saw Santa Claus last night

I saw Santa Claus last night.

No kidding. I did!

Neither was he kissing “me” (as I am a Mom) or I was kissing my “Santa” underneath our tree, but the real Santa!

I saw him. Yes, last night!

As I was laying down just after I said my Christmas prayer I saw something flickering in the sky. Normally, I would thought that was an airplane taking off from the Logan Airport but this time with the sky clear and the Christmas bells ringing, it was different. Yes, it was Santa and his sleigh crossing the Boston sky – and I, in bed watching him wave!


Could it be the real Santa?

Could it be because my prayers centered on my desire of seeing him?

Could it be just a plain airplane?

Could it be (as my mother said) just my wild imagination?

I know I am a grown-up and I am not supposed to believe in Santa anymore but see, this was not the first time I saw him.

At Christmas time when I was just about six, I snuck out of bed around midnight and watch the evening sky while everybody was asleep. There, in my bedroom I stepped on my stool and watched for Santa and his reindeers to come by. Minutes later, I heard the clomping and the jingling – and there it was in front of me St. Nick waving his hand and smiling at me!

There it was my first encounter with Santa – and ever since then I knew that someone, somehow a red-bellied and mustached kind, old and jolly man lives in the north pole – and every year I always wish to see him again right in my own eyes. His kindness and thoughtfulness shower the whole world. His cheerful voice brings hope and happiness to all who want to hear. His gifts of abundance, prosperity and wealth always fill his sack and share them with everybody who welcomes them. Oh, what a wonderful Saint Nick he truly is.

And I believe me, I saw him – again – last night!

And I know I will see him again and again as long as I believe that he lives in my heart and I will never forget to grow up like my own child. For Christmas is meant for the child in us; it is meant for the believers; for those whose hearts are open to dream, to believe and to give.

And – as long as you believe you will see and seek the true joys of Christmas – which is peace and love – you too will perhaps see Santa Claus someday soon either In your hearts, in your minds or in front of your two eyes.

Merry Christmas to you and your family!


Love, Peace and Good Fortune,

 Alpha Miguel-Sanford
Editor and Founder