Let Go of Any Jealousy

Photo of Ria G. Rombaoa

By Stuart Young


Take the opportunity today to let go of any jealousy you are feeling.


The Letting Go process is so powerful I thought I’d continue with it a while longer. The more you use it the easier it becomes and the more likely you are to experience a breakthrough. When you can get to the point of allowing a negative emotion to dissipate until it is no longer discernable you have successfully let go of it. That’s not to say continual practise is not necessary - it is! The more you do it the better you’ll become and before you know it life will just seem easier, more joyful and relaxing.


Try it now with jealousy. I used to find it difficult to tell the difference between jealousy and envy until I used a technique that gave me clarity. Envy, to me, means wanting the same as someone else, whereas jealousy means wishing to deprive someone of what they have so you can have it instead. See if you have any feelings of jealousy – and if you do, let them go.


Take care! Merry Christmas to all!


  1. Buena says:

    Manang Ria, Stu, and Alpha,

    Just to share to you:
    Yesterday my eyes were glued to a fashion shirt here that says, “Never Give Up” fever. With this post and the painting, my thought about that has been complemented: “In the end, it’s still nobler to learn to let go…” to positive things, we may persevere and not give up; but this world today which suffers from so much negative happenings and feelings,that many times events become hard because of all others’ insistence on something.. it may be needing more of the”letting go”. ..and then, letting God.

    Of much difference it can make, yes, to LET GO of these jealousy, envy, and pride…

    Warmth and love,

  2. Stuartart says:

    Thanks Beuna, Yes we must identify WHAT we want to give up and let go of. Those emotions that hold us back are the best place to start. :)

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