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 By Buena Laoang


Yes, it is hard.

Especially when you have forgiven, then they still do it again, expecting that you’d forgive them over and over? Sometimes, it gets irritable.

But we had been forgiven by God Himself once and for all. Time and again we become like Paul, doing things we don’t want to do, and not doing the things we want to do.. yet the truth remains, we had been set free.

It’s a matter of opening our hearts to that truth. Have we truly accepted the truth of our salvation, of us having been set free? Because if we do, we let Him act in our lives and to do according to His ways can already be easy.

Even forgiveness.

But if one continues in his old ways, of doing the wrong things, or of not being able to forgive.. then maybe, he still has part of his or her heart, closed.

Think about it. I also did, and decided to open my heart, fully.


  1. Stuartart says:

    At this time of new beginnings Buena, this is a timely post. I like to ask these 2 questions if I need to forgive: #1. What will I gain by forgiving? #2. What will I gain by NOT forgiving? The answers always lead me to forgive as what I gain from doing so is always positive. Thanks :)

    • Buena says:

      That is so true, Stu! thank you always for reading.. :) Forgiveness is not a very natural thing to us, but we all know or are all set to prove that forgiveness offers us the lightness we have always looked for.. and not forgiving only prolongs our inner conflicts, which, we can never run away from anyway. Or maybe readers will have other thoughts to share? :)

  2. Harold Millet says:

    Forgive is one way. You forgive because you want to forgive. And it really make sense to ask ourselves “What will I gain by forgiving?” for us to examine why we forgive.

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