Visit an Awe Inspiring Building

Photo of Ria G. Rombaoa

By Stuart Young


Take the opportunity today to visit an awe inspiring building.


Whenever I go on holiday, anywhere, I’m always looking for interesting buildings to admire. I find it hard to walk past a beautiful church without going inside for a look around. There’s a reason why religions put so much time, money and effort into creating fantastic architecture – it inspires us!


It never ceases to amaze me that hundreds of years ago builders were able not only to design such incredible structures, but were also able to build them. No cranes, no theodolites, no hightech machinery. Just craftsmanship and engineering prowess.


If you want to feel inspired there is no quicker way in my book than to experience something awesome in nature – and remember, we are in nature every bit as much as the great redwoods or termite mounds. Be inspired by what your fellow man has created and realise that you have the seed for that genius inside you, just waiting to manifest in your special way.