Let go of any negativity you are feeling


Photo of Ria G. Rombaoa

By Stuart Young

December is always a busy month leading up to the Christmas holidays.

For some it’s a time of dread as they are thrown together with family members

that they would rather not be.

I would like to go over Hale Dwoskin’s Sedona Method once again in an attempt to

help us all ‘Let Go’ of any negative feelings. These are the 4 questions of the method:


1. ‘Can I allow and welcome my [anger/shame/resentment etc.] to be here?’ then ask:

2. ‘Can I release or let go of this [anger etc.]?


In the first two questions you are searching for permission to feel that emotion. Anger for instance, can be helpful. However, if you drill down into that feeling you might find that your anger makes you feel protected, strong or right about something. Delve into those feelings. Do they serve you? Maybe yes, maybe no. Either way, feelings are natural and should not be suppressed.


Now you’ve got a hold of that emotion and are experiencing it in a controlled way, you can move on to examining the next questions:


3. ‘Would I let it go?’ then,

4. ‘When?’


Following on from that Letting Go theme I thought I’d explore some other less identifiable emotions. When you are feeling inadequate for example, it can often manifest as anger or shame or of being victimised. Be sure as you apply this process that you delve into the why of your feelings. More often than not a different emotion lurks beneath the surface of another.


Take care!