Photo from Ninjakimal



By Buena Laoang



Let us talk about something today, that may affect in getting our new year’s resolutions ready, or at least our plans for a new us.


Maybe at one point in life, we have been (or present tense, ARE) attacked by it:




A s if we are right, and the other person is wrong


R anting,


R ecounting


O ver and over again, things that make us seem


G reat, a good judge, over anything under the sun.


A n attitude of the mind, of the heart, i am most bothered about


N ot a very cool thing, for any age, I should say.


C an we change it? (you are undecided.because sometimes arrogance make us feel good. but in a bad light.)


E nd someone like more and truly beautiful today. End arrogance.


Arrogance is bitter. Better be sweeter.