How do you measure true leadership?


By Alpha Miguel-Sanford


If the system is broken, it does not mean that every department is. What we need to look at is the way we respond, react and see things from the perspectives of the people who really execute the work on a regular basis. It is easy for most people to put a blame when something is not working; but they would never offer support or feedback when a decision is needed to be made during a critical time. When something is implemented and it is working, it is easy for others to take credit for the hard work done by others; however it is hard for some to give praise and offer compensation for a job well done.

Why is that?

Is this true leadership?

In a society where collaboration is almost mandatory, authentic leadership is forgotten. True leadership happens when you listen to the people in the frontlines rather than attacking them. You can not kill your own soliders; rather you need to protect them. Leadership happens when we understand that collaboration really means listening and giving choices; not mandating what should be done.


Note: As I write this, I think of our national hero, Jose P. Rizal and his remarkable leadership.