Specific Gratitudes – iVersion


By Charm M. Damon


Last week, I wrote about a daily gratitude exercise, and I am hoping that my article has encouraged you to dedicate a few moments each day to make a short or long list ofgratitudes.” As I make a mental list each day, I noticed that I’ve been listing more and more specific gratitudesinstead of simply being thankful for general and abstract needs such as health, family, happiness, etc.  It is not to say that gratitude for these basic needs is not important, but just like prayers, I realized, gratitudes should also be specific.  Here are some of the specific things I was grateful for the past week.



A warm shower especially as the weather starts getting cold.


The ability to walk up and down the stairs with a 22 pound toddler on my hip multiple times a day in our new home.


The quiet and the chance to reflect and rest while my two kids nap.


The sound of the garage door going up at 5 o’clock, knowing that my husband has arrived home safely from work.


The ability to help and provide a new friend with information she needed.


And the list goes on.  


As I reflect on specific gratitudes, I am also reminded ofhow children utter them more often than I realize.  I can’t remember the last time I’ve heard a child say he is thankful for good health and nourishment. I could say, though, that early this week, I heard my son saying that his cough will get better because he has been to the doctor’s, and that he loved that we had lunch at Chic-fil-A, his favorite place to eat.  Hencesometimes utteringspecific gratitudes don’t necessarily have to be explicit proclamations of things and people we are thankful for, but they could also just be positive acknowledgement of what we have, and how they make our lives better.


What’s more important is our ability and willingness to take the time to recognize small and big gifts that come our way, and utter our own versions of specific gratitudesto remind us that we are blessed in so many, many ways.And whatever approach to thankfulness you take is what will help you create a lifestyle of gratitude, the lifestyle, as I mentioned last week, that helps you attract even more blessings everyday.


This weekend, as you continue our gratitude exercise,what’s your specific gratitude “iVersion?”