By Alpha Miguel-Sanford

Recently, the word integrity has been popping in and out of my regular day routine. I see it more frequently in the books that I read; I hear on the radio station on my way to work and I find myself saying it more frequently than before. In fact, yesterday in a conversation with a fellow professional, I caught myself saying that my ‘integrity’ is my strength.

I know I am more mindful of this word, thus its occurrence in my daily normal life. But, why I became mindful of the word – I have no idea.

But today I am sharing with you, how ‘integrity’ affects my life (just recently):

  1. When I am confronted with frustrated faces, I choose to respond better when I think of my ‘integrity’ and how the other person  (who is already frustrated) will take what I say.
  2. When I read emails (I have multiple accounts), I choose to hit reply when I feel I am confident that this is what I want I, unless I am in a rush.
  3. When I hear gossips among my circle of friends, I try (yes, it is hard!) to listen to each side of the story and keep my mouth shut (yes, it is hard!)
  4. When the bridge goes up at 6:20 AM in the morning and I am on my way to work, I hold my breath and carry on without swearing.

Integrity is essential in who we are, not just professionals but as individuals living our lives outside our profession. It is an important reminder when we are at a cross road and we do not know how to react, respond or manage a certain situation, then we say:  Is this what I am as a person?

It is also important at decision making and how the outcome will affect us. It serves as our guide.

It is also a tool in dealing with stressful situations and makes us answer the same question: Is this what I am as a person?


How about you? What is your ‘integrity’?

How do you think you project your ‘integrity’ to your friends, to your students, to your colleagues?

How are you going to be mindful of your ‘integrity’ at work?