Love What You Do?


Photo of Shem-shem Pablo

Why do people keep doing things that they do not love to do?

For example work at a place they hate.



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  1. Harold Millet says:

    Nice thought Ronald. That’s one of my learning experiences. Most Filipinos would say “I don’t have any choice” (that was my reason too). But years past, I’ve realized we always have a choice! And being in that situation is already a choice! It’s not only liking what you do but yes loving what you do is the most important – regardless!

  2. Stuartart says:

    Certainty! Certainty is the number one driver for human behaviour. Even if we hate a job, the UNcertainty of finding a new one or even going it alone terrifies most people. They will put up with the pain of an unfulfilling job to retain certainty.

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